Banco de Crédito del Perú has been nominated as Peru’s representative

Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP) is the largest bank and the leading supplier of integrated financial services in Peru with approximately US$ 39 billion in total assets and a market share of 30.4% in total loans and 33.5% in total deposits.


BCP has more than 127 years of presence in the country and represents Peru’s most valuable brand. Its network of more than 8,340 points of contact serves its more than 6 million clients. BCP is the main subsidiary of Credicorp (NYSE: BAP), the largest financial holding in Peru.


BCP’s Wholesale Banking competes with local and foreign banks and provides its customers with short and medium-term loans in local and foreign currencies, foreign trade-related financing, lease financing, underwriting and financial advisory.


It is currently the market leader with a market share of more than 40% in corporate loans. BCP’s Retail Banking serves individuals and small-sized companies with a wide range of high value-proposition products with a market share of over 20%. In addition, BCP is the largest capital market and brokerage distribution system in Peru; its main activities include asset management, foreign exchange transactions, treasury, custody and trust, investment advisory services, and research activities.


BCP’s PMO is located in Lima, Peru, and it will be represented by Ms. Andrea Sánchez- Salazar Accolti-Gil, IT Portfolio & Transformation Manager.