Learn more about the PMO Global Awards

The PMO Global Awards is one of the most important awards for Project Management Offices in the world, hosted by PMO Global Alliance and sponsored by Wellingtone Project Management.


Unlike other awards where it is possible to have multiple PMOs from the same country, the PMO Global Awards rules define that each country must have only one PMO nominated as its representative. In this way, it is possible for several countries to be represented, increasing the diversity and the engagement of the community.


The PMO Global Awards evaluation process is also unique and entirely online. Instead of evaluating all PMOs together, the evaluation process is structured into five rounds. In the first four rounds, two PMOs representing different countries will be pitched against each other, being evaluated comparatively. Three judges will indicate which PMO should go to the next round.


The fourth round will appoint the best PMO in each region: Africa, The Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.


The fifth and last round will evaluate the four regional winners comparatively, appointing the recipient of the 2018 Best PMO in the World – PMO of the Year Award, which will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on October 4th, 2018, at the FuturePMO Conference, in London, UK.