Frequently Asked Questions


What is the PMO Global Awards?

The PMO Global Awards is an annual initiative hosted by PMO Global Alliance in a partnership with Wellingtone Project Management.


The PMO Global Awards intends to inspire organizations around the world to evolve their Project Management Offices and project management practices to achieve the best results.


It encourages organizations from all over the world to share knowledge and experiences, acknowledging the best results, and allowing the evolution of the PMO worldwide community.

Which categories of PMOs are awarded?

The PMO Global Awards offers five awards:

a) 2019 Africa PMO of the Year

b) 2019 Asia-Pacific PMO of the Year

c) 2019 Europe PMO of the Year

d) 2019 The Americas PMO of the Year

e) 2019 World PMO of the Year (main award)

Who are the PMO Global Awards organizers?

PMO GLOBAL ALLIANCE was founded in 2014 by PMO Leaders and it is the first and largest global community exclusively focused on Project Management Offices.


Its members are PMO leaders, PMO members, Executives, Consultants, Professors, Students, Project Managers, among others who share their experience and knowledge, contributing to the development of the PMO worldwide community.


You can learn more about PMOGA visiting the www.pmoga.com.

How is the PMO Global Awards different from other awards in the world?

Unlike other awards where it is possible to have multiple PMOs from the same country, the PMO Global Awards rules define that each country must have only one PMO nominated as its representative. In this way, it is possible for several countries to be represented, increasing the diversity and the engagement of the community.

How are participating countries selected?

The PMO Global Awards Organizing Committee is responsible for selecting the participating countries.


The continents are divided into four regions: Africa, Americas (North, Central, The Caribbean, and South), Asia-Pacific (including Oceania), and Europe.


The countries in each region (16 per region) are selected considering the following criteria:


  1. The top 12 economies in the region.
  2. The remaining 4 spots are drawn among the other countries in the region.

How are matches between countries defined?

The groups and the matches schedule are defined from a draw made by the Organizing Committee. See the complete match schedule at www.pmoawards.org home page.

Who are the members of the Organizing Committee?

The members of the Organizing Committee work voluntarily and are selected from among the members of the PMO Global Alliance community.


How is a PMO nominated as a representative of its country?

The Nominating Committee identifies the organizations that will represent each country. They may be nominated in two ways:


1 – If the PMO has been awarded “PMO of the Year” in a regional or global award (recognized by PMO Global Alliance), it would be automatically nominated to represent its country in the PMO Global Awards. If the PMO’s organization waives its right to participate, the nomination will be defined as described below.


2 – Each country has a representative as a member of the Nominating Committee, selected from professionals with significant experience and knowledge about their local PMOs community and Regional Partners of PMO Global Alliance. These members are responsible for nominating PMOs in their countries.

Are there any application fees for the PMOs?

There are no fees for participating organizations.

Is it possible for a PMO to apply for the PMO Global Awards?

It is not possible to apply for the PMO Global Awards. The PMOs are exclusively nominated by members of the Nominating Committee, responsible for identifying in their regional communities, which organizations can best represent their countries.


The PMO Global Alliance encourages the creation of regional awards that can identify nominated PMOs for each country.

What is the procedure if a selected country does not have a nominated PMO?

If no organization from a particular country applies to the PMO Global Awards, the Organizing Committee may hold a new draw to replace the country with another one from the same region.

How are members of the Nominating Committee selected?

They are selected from professionals with significant experience and knowledge about their local PMOs community and Regional Partners of PMO Global Alliance.


How are members of the Judging Committee selected?

The Judging Committee Members are volunteers who are experienced practitioners and have successfully demonstrated PMO expertise and may be regional partners of PMO Global Alliance.

How are the Judging Committee Members allocated?

The Judging Committee Members allocation to each match will be defined by drawing.

How are conflicts of interest avoided?

To avoid any conflict of interest, Judging Committee Members cannot be allocated to matches involving their countries of origin or residence.


How is the PMOs evaluation performed?

The Nominated PMOs will be judged according to the PMO Global Awards Criteria (Annex 4).


The evaluation will be based exclusively on the material provided on the Nomination Package.


The evaluation process is entirely online and structured into five rounds. In the first four rounds, two PMOs representing different countries will be pitched against each other, being evaluated comparatively. Three judges will indicate which PMO should go to the next round.


The round winners will be announced up to five (5) working days after each round closing date.


The results of the sixth round, appointing the winners from each region (Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe) will be announced on July 2nd, 2019.


The seventh and last round will evaluate the four regional winners comparatively, appointing the recipient of the 2019 World PMO of the Year Award.

The evaluation is based on what material?

The evaluation is based exclusively on the material provided in the Nomination Package.


The Nomination Package consists of:


1 – A 50 to 60-minute video presentation in English Language covering the main points described in the Video Specification Guidelines (Annex 2).


The Nominated PMO video presentation is a video where the presenter will not be on screen during the talk. It will be PowerPoint style presentation with the presenter’s voice recorded.


This video will be recorded during a video conference coordinated by PMO Global Alliance.


2 – A PDF file with Supporting Documentation as described in the Supporting Documentation Guidelines (Annex 3).

Which topics should be covered in the PMO video presentation?

The topics to be covered are as follows:


0 – Cover

Please include the Company name, City, Country, Presenter’s name, and Lead Nominator’s name (if the presenter is different).


1 – PMO Overview (+/- 2 slides and +/- 5 minutes)

In this topic the company should be presented, as well as the PMO.


2 – PMO Historic (+/- 6 slides and +/- 15 minutes)

In this topic a timeline should be presented, detailing the PMO history since it was created.


3 – PMO Structure (+/- 4 slides and +/- 10 minutes)

In this topic the organizational structure of the PMO should be presented, its headcount, its mandate in the organization, and its relationship with other areas of the organization.


4 – PMO Objectives (+/- 4 slides and +/- 10 minutes)

In this topic the PMO mission and its main objectives should be presented, its main functions and how they are provided in the organization.


5 – PMO Results (+/- 4 slides and +/- 10 minutes)

In this topic the main benefits generated by PMO should be presented, the main results achieved in the last 12 months, and the impact of its work on the increase of the organizational project management maturity.


6 – PMO Next Steps (+/- 2 slides and +/- 5 minutes)

In this topic the PMO evolution plans should be presented for the next 12 months, reporting actions planned to increase the maturity of the PMO and the organization.

What is the PMO support documentation?

The Supporting Documentation is part of the Nomination Package.


It will be used by the Judges in conjunction with the video presentation, to clarify and enhance the necessary points for the evaluation. It is consisted of:


1 – Presentation File

It is the MS-PowerPoint/Google Slides file used in the video presentation.

It must contain exactly the same slides as shown in the video and it must be converted to PDF format (one full slide per page) for submission.


2 – Supporting Material

It is an MS-Word/Google Docs file, which may detail or present evidence of some point mentioned in the presentation.

It must be in English, Arial font, with a minimum of an 11-pt. font, in 81/2” x 11” letter size or A4 format.

The information should be organized following the same six presentation topics, clearly identifying their relationship to what was mentioned in the video.

This document may present text, images, diagrams, tables, etc.

This document should have up to 12 pages and it must be converted to PDF format for submission.

What criteria are used in the PMOs evaluation?

The evaluation will be performed based on criteria, which should allow identifying which PMOs are delivering an exceptional service to their organization.


The Judges’ evaluation will be as objective as possible. Therefore, it is crucial that the following points are addressed during the Video Presentation or/and in the Support Documentation. They will do their best to identify evidence that relates directly to the evaluation criteria. So, organizations can use the following table as a reference when assembling their presentation.


Criteria Description Weight
1 – PMO’s Journey This criterion evaluates the PMO’s journey, evaluating its strategy, consistency, adaptability, leadership, and the path that made the PMO become what it is today. 20%
2 – Client Service


This criterion evaluates the set of services/functions the PMO provides to its clients and stakeholders, how much they are appropriate for the presented scenario, and how that mix of services is able to address the organization’s results expectations. 15%
3 – Best Practices


This criterion evaluates how the PMO is delivering its services/functions, the methods and techniques are being provided, their alignment with best practices, and how the PMO continually improves its services. 15%
4 – Innovation This criterion evaluates how the PMO used innovation to deal with challenges encountered throughout its journey, and what innovations were delivered to the organization, generating effective results. 10%
5 – Community This criterion evaluates how the PMO actively works to create an engaged project management community within the organization, evolving the organization’s culture, and encouraging people to share experiences and lessons learned. 10%
6 – Value Generation


This criterion evaluates the benefits and results delivered by the PMO to its customers, stakeholders, and the organization. It also evaluates how the promoted culture and organizational maturity evolution. Finally, it evaluates how the PMO acts to engage the organization’s senior management and improve its the sponsorship. 30%
Total 100%


How will the winners be awarded?

The recipients of each award will be honored with a trophy at the Awards Ceremony on October 17th, 2019, at the FuturePMO Conference, in London, UK.  To this end, Wellingtone Project Management will provide one (1) free entry ticket to FuturePMO 2019.

Is mandatory the attendance at the awards ceremony?

Applying for the PMO Global Awards, every organization agrees that, if it is the winner of its region, the presence of a representative in the Awards Final Ceremony is mandatory.


The four regions winners are the finalists of the “PMO of the Year Award”. They must attend FuturePMO Conference on October 17th, 2019, in London, where their representatives will present a 40-minute session about their PMO on an extended basis.


Each finalist organization will get one free ticket to FuturePMO 2019 Conference.

Are there any cash award?

There is no cash awards for the winning PMOs.