Your organisation will be evaluated by dozens of judges, all highly qualified professionals, carefully selected from different countries. Each of them will be invited to provide improvement recommendations for your PMO and all of this rich material will be compiled and shared with you at the end of the competition.


    Make direct contact with PMOs around the world and understand in detail every aspect that matters to your organisation. Find out what good practices can inspire you to create solutions that will generate more results for your PMO.


    Get free access to all competitors’ success stories, knowing closely how their challenges were overcome and the details that generated the best results.


    Build a global reputation for your organisation and yourself by making your valuable work known around the world, and enjoy all the benefits of becoming a global reference in PMOs.


    Learn from the experience of dozens of Organisations around the world, many of them from your industry or sector. Evolve your PMO inspired by the best PMOs in the world.


    Find out what solutions other organisations are using to overcome their challenges and discover new opportunities to improve your PMO.


    Your work, efforts, and results will be known throughout the PMO global community, which is not just a reason to feel proud but also an opportunity for the exchange of experiences and knowledge among organisations and professionals.


    By honoring your country as the only organisation to represent it in the World category, being a finalist in one of the hotly contested awards categories or even being nominated as one of the PMO Global Awards winners, your organisation and you will receive the applause and recognition of the PMO global community.