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This committee is responsible for leading the PMO Global Awards project, planning, controlling and integrating the work of other committees during all stages of the competition. It has a special subcommittee responsible for the Awards Gala Ceremony.




This committee is temporary and aims to make decisions regarding Entry and Nominating stages issues. This committee can act in the recommendation of potential nominees for the competition. It is formed whenever necessary, being temporarily composed of members of the Judging Committee, usually representing an industry or a country.




This committee is made up of professionals from different countries, selected from the most experienced practitioners, executives, consultants, and researchers. The members of this committee are responsible for evaluating the nominees according to the established technical criteria, having full independence and autonomy to make their decisions, not being influenced by political issues or members of other committees, Board members or the PMO Global Alliance Chair.




This committee is formed only upon completion of the Evaluation Stage and it is responsible for reviewing and consolidating all judges’ assessments in reports that are delivered to the organisations that competed in the World and Industry Awards categories. These reports contain significant and valuable comments and recommendations for improvement provided by the judges during the evaluation process.




This committee is temporary and aims to audit the last round of the evaluation stage, which defines the winners of each category. It is formed only at the end of the evaluation stage and it is composed of members of the Judging Committee representing the same home countries as the finalists. Members of this committee are given full administrative access to the evaluation platform, allowing each judge’s assessments to be reviewed and their results validated.


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